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Our Story

Sofia Elaine Salon is a career dream-come-true for owner, Erica Lynch. Married with two sons,
Erica is a native Texan and lives in nearby Trophy Club. But that’s just part of the story. The
Salon name didn’t just come by chance. It represents a family story of survival and resilience
stemming back to Erica’s grandparents who left their home country of Cuba to give their
children a future of freedom and opportunity.
Erica’s mother is one of the many Cubans that fled Castro’s takeover of Cuba in the 1950’s.
Leaving all their worldly possessions behind, her grandparents embarked for the promise of
America hoping to provide their children a future free from Communism. Fearing they could not
leave together with all ten children, Erica’s grandparents split their children between two
separate destinations in the United States. Six months later the entire family was reunited in


Starting their lives all over again from scratch in a country they didn’t know, a language they
didn’t speak or understand, with no jobs or possessions was more difficult than most people
can imagine. But like many Cubans who came to the U.S. during that time, nothing deterred
their determination to survive and even thrive in their new home. Led by a strong-willed
matriarch, the family worked hard to be successful and pursue their dreams. Their example
paved the way for Erica and her cousins to learn that achieving something truly meaningful
doesn’t just happen – it requires hard work and sacrifice.


So then why the name Sofia Elaine? A combination of Erica’s and her mother’s middle names,
it’s a tribute to generations of strong women. And of course, it all stems back to that leap-of-
faith decision to come to America that made Sofia Elaine Salon possible. Erica is proud of her
Cuban heritage rich with family traditions, wonderful food and 200 plus extended family
members. Family photos displayed throughout the Salon give a glimpse of that heritage and
culture that Erica holds deep in her soul.


Thank you for your patronage and trust in Sofia Elaine Salon!

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